Boris Rozman

CEO / Founder
In this golden age of technology, Boris Rozman started his first internet business—at age 13. This was before the web, before browsers, before Google. Boris’ fascination with the possibilities within the internet set a standard early on: to stay firmly on the cusp, then harness the best technologies profitably and reliably for himself and his clients.

This led him to found and run some of the earliest high traffic networks (1996), one of the first mp3 sites, (1998), one of the first online advertising companies (1999), a global computer supplier (2002), a real-time job board (2007), a live social recruiting platform (2005), and several mobile applications (2012). His depth of expertise has also contributed to many an innovative and groundbreaking strategy—from Fortune 500s to
promising start-ups.

A visionary entrepreneur, Boris breaks the mold of the geek-spouting techie: he is an articulate educator passionate about getting clients and prospects to understand their full range of options. He’s long-range in his thinking—always looking toward how you’ll evolve and scale. Finally, he enjoys upholding the Loginaut creed: to inspire his staff to consistently greater heights.

James Burr

Creative Director
James is passionate about technology and UX Design.
James's prominent skills include social media strategy and implementation, strategic planning, information architecture, and user interface design. He worked on different Web 2.0 projects, mobile applications and social media marketing platforms.

James was born in Milan, Italy and is currently resident in New York. He has lived and worked in Europe, North America and Asia. He has a degree with honors in Design & Management (BBA) from Parsons the New School for Design. His thesis developed an incubator program designed for Parsons Alumni to foster Design Innovation.

Patrick Chon

Account Manager
With a keen understanding of how people use technology in daily life, Patrick bridges the gap between man and technology through his ability to distill complex systems. He plays a critical role in maintaining open communications with the clients and their customers’ needs.
He has worked on several important projects with clients like FIAT, H&M, Disney and many others. Throughout each project, Patrick masterfully translated the clients' needs to the creative and technical teams.
Patrick earned a degree with honors in Design & Management (B.B.A.) from Parsons, the New School for Design.